Darrin Bishop

Darrin has nearly twenty years of IT experience focused around enterprise business applications using Microsoft technologies. Since 2001, Darrin has primarily working, blogging, speaking and writing about SharePoint technologies He is a former 8 time Microsoft SharePoint MVP and has been involved in SharePoint since 2001. More recently Darrin has been working in other SharePoint and non-SharePoint related areas. These areas include mobile, business intelligence, cloud, IOT/microcontrollers as well as data science and business analytics.

SharePoint is a still a major interest for Darrin. Over the years Darrin has worked in all the major areas of SharePoint and has worked with all the major versions of SharePoint both on premise and in the cloud. While Darrin can cover all the major areas in SharePoint, he spends a lot of time working with SharePoint business intelligence, (Power View, PowerPivot, Excel Services, Reporting Services and Power BI), document management, records management, custom development (SharePoint Apps and Full Trust Solutions), troubleshooting and performance tuning/metrics.

SharePoint is only one of Darrin’s focus. He has delved deeper into other topics such as mobile development where he writes native code Android and IPhone (Objective-C and Swift) apps some that integrate with SharePoint. He also is now focusing more on Microsoft’s data platform offerings for on-premise and cloud. He continues to engage clients using SQL Server’s Analysis Services, Integration Server, SQL Server Reporting Services, and now in SQL Server 2016, R Services. In the cloud Darrin is working with the Cortana Intelligence Suite which includes services such as Azure Machine Learning, Data Factory, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Lake Analytics and HDInsight. He us currently doing research and experiments in text, web and web analytics utilizing the Azure data services while pursuing an advanced degree in Data Science and Business Analytics. Darrin also is working with Internet of Things (IOT) technology primarily utilizing Atmel microcontrollers, Arduino and Raspberry PI with Linux and Windows 10 IOT. He also integrates IOT with Azure Services

Darrin actually an owner of two different technology companies. Aptillon, Inc, a dedicated expert SharePoint consulting company. Darrin is one of the five founder and co-owners of Aptillon. Aptillon, Inc. owners include Darrin Bishop, Gary Lapointe, Matt McDermott and David Mann Each of the five owners were or are SharePoint MVPs and one is a SharePoint MCM. The five owners met on the SharePoint conference circuit. Frequently one or all of the owners presented at the same conference. The five decided to join forces and create a consulting company that focused on SharePoint technologies and services that commonly integrated with SharePoint. The company was created with the concept of avoiding all the common issues we seen in larger consulting companies. When you work with Aptillon, you can be sure that you really get a SharePoint expert and not someone who knows how to spell SharePoint. When you work with Aptillon, you will get the expertise of over 70 years of collective SharePoint experience. When you work with Aptillon you will work with the owners and not someone picked off a internet job board. All of his SharePoint consulting work, which is a lot, is done though Aptillon, Inc. Contact me if you want to talk about expert-level SharePoint consulting.

Darrin’s second company is Darrin Bishop Group, Inc. Darrin does most of his non-SharePoint consulting work under the Darrin Bishop Group banner. This includes anything from infrastructure, web, form, cloud, mobile design and development, Internet of Things, microcontroller programming as well as data science in R and the Azure Data stack. Publications, articles, other writings and speaking engagements are accomplished though Darrin Bishop Group, Inc. In general, if it is not SharePoint and not an existing Aptillon client, chances are Darrin Bishop Group will be involved. If you have a need for technical or programming IT support that doesn’t involved SharePoint contact me and we can talk.