A Little More VPC Maintenance

Quick thanks to Andrew Connell for reading my VPC Maintenance post and replying with a link to his post –
Shrink your virtual machines with Invirtus VM Optimizer!

Seems to be a good personal testimonial to this relatively cheap product. I will probably make a copy of my VPC and give the trial a try and see what it can do for me. If you read though his blog you it looks like you will find some other VPC performance tips. For those of you who do not know Andrew he is a Content Management guy and has now joined the ranks of the WSS and MOSS world with the “merging” of CMS and SPS and he is a developer to boot! You can catch Andrew’s blog at: http://www.andrewconnell.com/blog/Default.aspx

Thanks for the tip Andrew and we will catch up at SharePoint Connections in Vegas!