SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 10

Today the virtual SharePoint Community Road Trip is not so virtual. The roadster was packed up and parked in the airport parking yesterday as we headed to Orlando, Florida. From Sunday night to Weds afternoon we are hanging around the Exchange Connection Conference – more specifically the SharePoint Track.

Today is the Kevin and Darrin show. After the Tony Redmond’s keynote – What You Need to Know about Exchange 12 – Kevin Laahs kicks off the SharePoint Track with a session on Integrating Office 2003 and SharePoint. In this he covered the various integration points between WSS/SPS and Office 2003. I happened to walk in Kevin was demonstrating how with a small amount of vbscript a user can synchronize Outlook events and WSS events.

I was the follow on act with Up and Running – Now What Do I Do. In this session we covered how SharePoint can be used in and organization as well as a few pointers on a successful portal project. From there we started with a clean portal install and worked with content sources, search scopes, and other items such as profiles. After a quick lunch we were back at it again with How Does it Work – An Admin-Level Overview of SharePoint where we covered items like the files, templates and ISAPI filters and Web Part Page Processing.

Kevin closed up the day with a session on searching, Searching with SharePoint to be exact where Kevin covered in detail the Search process in SPS and WSS.

I think it is fair to say that we were surprised at the good turn out at the sessions for this bonus track. We both had excellent after session questions and I have to admit I fielded a few questions that I am interested in researching further. All in all the community had a good showing.