SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 18

The last couple of weeks I have been delving into various SharePoint-related topics at home and work which is why the road trip took a few weeks vacation from the road trip. Now as that things at work have leveled out a bit it is time to hit the road again.

During my hiatus from the road trip I was delving deep into list definitions and CAML. For those of you that don’t know there is a distinct difference between list templates and list definitions. The list definition is the base for a particular list. List templates are always based of the underlying list definition. When you play with list definitions then you are playing with CAML and that always comes with some head scratching.

It is inevitable that when ever I find myself digging into these subjects I find myself camped out at Heather’s place. So today we the road trip heads over to Heather Solomon’s blog which has a nice collection of information based around design and templates. For those of you that have not happened across Heather yet give her a congrats as Heather was recently awarded MVP status for Windows SharePoint Services.

Expect to be hanging around Heather’s place for a couple of days taking a look at all the content she has make available to the road trip folks and us SharePoint designers, administrators and developers.