SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 2

The first stop on the road trip was to the WSS Technology Center which might be considered to be the “home” page for WSS. So it is fitting that the next place we stop at is :

SharePoint Portal Server Home

From this link you can get to case studies, downloads, news and other related information about SharePoint Portal Server. Most of the links that are directly referenced on the home page are general information about SharePoint Portal Server 2003. A lot of the information is targeted towards business decision makers but you will find interesting links heading off to developers and administrator- related areas.

Like the WSS Technology Center page, the SharePoint Portal Server Home page does not have a feed link so I would advise book marking this page and visiting it every now and then, or just maybe you should create a content source for this site in your own portal. Be bold and create a search scope just for portal-related content.