SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 3

We arrive at today’s stop by taking the an off ramp from our last stop – the SharePoint Portal Server Home page. When I make a stop – like at the last stop – I don’t just create a note and post it. Part of the fun of a road trip is to get out and walk around, see the local attractions. While following the links of the last stop, I happened on directions to today’s stop:

Microsoft Office System Solutions Directory

This is an interesting stop. If you roam around this stop you will see a list of companies that advertise an Office System-based solution, many that extend or integrate with WSS or SPS. I spent an amount of time at this stop to look around and see what other companies are doing – of course, I had to look up KnowledgeLake just to make sure we were listed ( and we were). From this stop on the road trip you can find solutions to fit many of your needs. While here I reviewed solutions such bulk messaging alert, performance review, document management and document imaging systems to name a few. You can easily spend the whole day at this spot viewing all the attractions.

Before you go off and build your own, you might look around here and see what’s out there already. It may save you and your developers a lot of time.