SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 4

Four days into the road trip and we really have not headed out of Redmond yet. But I think that is okay, there is a lot of information that gives us a good start for this trip. We will get out and hit the open road soon but it would be a shame to skip over all these local favorites . Today we backtrack from our last stop – Microsoft Office System Solutions Directory – and catch another link off our second stop – SharePoint Portal Server Home page. Today’s stop will be:

The SharePoint Products and Technologies Web Component Directory

Looking around this stop you will find all sorts of components for WSS or SPS, most of these are in fact Web Parts. Some are solutions. Seems like you can find everything from alerts management, navigation tools such as breadcrumbs and tree views to admin tools such as permission viewers. Need RSS readers or syndicators? Look no further, you can find a few to pick from. There is even some Web Parts that will use WSS Web Part connections to display information as a “gauge” using Flash. While hanging around here I found some interesting looking additions that I will have to find time to look at more closely. I took the time to collect a few souvenirs from the Web Component Directory to unzip and play with later.

For all of you out there in the community that have a Web Part or component that we all might want to look at and use, you should make sure it is referenced at this stop so we can all find it easily.

On to the next stop.