SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 7

Luckily yesterday the trusty Outlook reminded me that conference season started. Seems like the days are forever full of work to be done that I tend to lose track of time and only remember things when I put in Outlook. So yesterday we were heading over to Florida at the last minute. This time I will actually attempt to give you a little more notice about one of the next conferences for SharePoint.

Today we make plans for a trip over to the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada for the Advisor Summit running from April 9 to April 13. The Advisor Summit is actually a multiplex of seven conferences including Access, SharePoint, .Net, Lotus, WebSphere, Notes and Compliance. Looks like one price for admission gets you entry to all seven conferences.

You will once again recognize from familiar names such as Mike Fitmaurice, Paul Sheriff, Patrick Tisseghem and Todd Bleeker to name a few. Many of these names you will recognize as frequent authors to The Advisor Guide to SharePoint. At this conference your going to be immersed in design, development and administration. And if that is not enough to satisfy your technical appetite then take a walk over to the other conferences.

Maybe the SharePoint Community Virtual Road Trip should get a virtual car trunk to stockpile all the free conference stuff. Wonder which conference is giving away the best stuff?