SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 8

Yesterday we made plans for a trip over to Las Vegas for the Live Summit. There is one more conference to make plans for before we can get back on the road. This time we make plans to head back to Orlando, Florida and the Walt Disney World Swan Resort for a stop at the Exchange Connections 2006 Conference running from April 9 to April 12.

I know you are reading this wondering why the SharePoint Community Road Trip is planning a trip the Exchange Connections 2006 Conference but I will let you in on the secret. This year there is a Bonus SharePoint track. What does SharePoint and Exchange have in common? Well to be honest I don’t know. But a long time ago there once was a product called SharePoint Portal Server 2001 that stored its content in some deep and dark place called the Web Storage System which happened to be spun off of the Exchange data store. Maybe we are set to reminisce a little. Maybe a lot of Exchange admins are also SharePoint Portal Server admins. Back then the only place that SharePoint was discussed was at Exchange conferences… I still have swag from the MEC sitting in the basement. I should toss that into the virtual roadster trunk o’swag for grins.

The bonus track will include for speakers notables such as Michael Noel, Robert Ginsburg, Kevin Laahs and your driver and community road trip planner Darrin Bishop. So if by chance you happen to be in the neighborhood head on over to the Swan Resort and stop in and say hello, grab some swag and listen in on some SharePoint community goodies.

This should be the last of the conference planning for the SharePoint Community Road Trip. I think we caught up with all that snuck up on us while we were out. Tomorrow we hit the road again to see what is out there.