You saw us in the book, now look were we popped up at!

You probably read my previous post that mention KnowledgeLake’s appearance in “Microsoft’s 7 Development Projects For Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services Version 3.0” book distributed at Tech Ed 2006 and available as a pdf download.

Now it seems we have quietly graced the contents of the ECM Blog located at In the post titled “Microsoft’s Second Mover Advantage in ECM” the author comments “The other scary part is when some of the MSFT partners start building specialized imaging and capture applications.” Yes click that link in the post for specialized imaging and you will be directed to KnowledgeLake.

I think I must clarify that it is not when some of the MSFT partners start building these imaging and capture applications. At KnowledgeLake we already have an end-to-end document imaging and ECM system based on SharePoint technology. And we are working on our Office 2007 offerings even as I take this short break to jump onto my soapbox.

I am not sure why KnowledgeLake, which includes myself and other great people bringing document imaging and ECM to the masses, is consider scary. One would think, providing a cost effective, extensible and integratable ( is that even a word?) document imaging platform that enables software and hardware you already own would not be “scary”.

No matter, maybe I should just take it at face value and just dress up as a “document imaging solution” for Halloween.