Sometimes You Just Got To Laugh

Yes, I have been patiently waiting for two must have gadgets
. 8 Gig portal laptop – not one the size of an ice cream truck.
2. Solid State Express Card Flash drive faster than said ice cream truck

Can’t do much with the Express Card flash drive but at Tech Ed 2008 Ben Curry of MindSharp pulled out his shiny new Dell 8Gig Laptop. Of course it was the size of an ice cream truck but that does mean they are making their way into the market. I don’t pay much attention to hardware but it seems that some boards already out in the market can support 8 Gigs ( with x64 OS) and now that 4 Gig chips are out these boards can now run 8 Gigs.

So my main machine is a Dell XPS 1330 running Vista x64 and 4 Gig of memory – Runs great – no problems with drivers. But I do run VMs all the time and I would love more memory. So I attempt to find out if the new XPS laptops support 8 gig… Follow along with the chat:

Initial Question/Comment: Does the XPS laptop line support 8 gig with vista x64
1:30:21 PM System You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
1:30:21 PM System Connected with xxxxxxxxxxxxx
1:30:44 PM xxxxxxxxxxxxx Welcome to Dell’s Medium and Small Business Sales Chat.
1:30:44 PM xxxxxxxxxxxxx My name is xxxxxxxxxxxxx.
1:30:44 PM xxxxxxxxxxxxx For future reference you may contact me directly at xxxxxxxxxxxxx
1:30:49 PM Darrin Bishop k
1:32:34 PM xxxxxxxxxxxxx We don’t sell with a 64 bit operating system.
1:33:15 PM Darrin Bishop ok. I understand, I have the x64 but what I want to know is does the XPS boards now support 8 gig like the Lenovo’s?
1:34:14 PM xxxxxxxxxxxxx The XPS doesn’t support 64bit though.
1:35:34 PM Darrin Bishop how can that be so? I am typing this on a Dell XPS 1330 that is running vista x64?
1:37:09 PM xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx pushes page,
1:37:21 PM xxxxxxxxxxxxx Those are the only units if have listed at 64 bit.
1:38:29 PM Darrin Bishop Ok, I understand you might not know. Who can I talk to that can tell me if the hardware in XPS support 8 gig?
1:41:06 PM xxxxxxxxxxxxx 4 gigs is the maximum
1:41:15 PM Darrin Bishop thanks
1:41:24 PM System Thank you. Your Dell Chat session has ended.

So apparently the very machine I am chatting on does not support the very system that it is running. It is a paradox. I would even upgrade to a newer version of the same laptop if I knew the new version could run 8 Gigs. I guess I need to invest in a Lenovo that supports 8 Gig or find someone in Dell that can discuss what the boards may or may not support instead of what Dell can or cannot configure.

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