Need a New Laptop, Suggestions?

My Dell XPS M1330 Laptop is having issues, again. It seems that the NVIDIA GPU is having some issues with overheating. I have had the motherboard replaced once already and now it is acting up again. Dell’s current solution is a BIOS update that will basically run the fan non-stop. But that is a not a real fix. I might replace the MB once more and that will be it. I loved the machine but it is proven to be untrustworthy and I rely on it too heavily to be without it while I wait for another service call.

So I am in search for a new laptop. I generally run Office and a few other applications. I primarily develop, design and demo using either Virtual PC or VMWare. Here are a few items that are high on the priority list:

Support 32 and 64 bit
Min 4 gig of ram, 8 gig preferred
15 inch monitor
Nice to have SD slot
Need to have ExpressCard slot.

Dell is out – not going there anymore.

Basically I am in the market for a high-end laptop that will run a few VMs without bogging down. Feel free to suggest something.


  1. Eddie 10/05/2008
  2. AC [MVP MOSS] 10/05/2008
  3. Dave 10/06/2008
  4. Myyz 10/06/2008
  5. Todd Klindt 10/13/2008