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Looks like I will get my DELL XPS 1300 fixed, DELL is shipping a new motherboard. I spent some time researching this issue since this is the 2nd motherboard replacement in 1yr timeframe.

I should clarify I love the XPS 1300 and that it is not a DELL part that is failing. It appears the issue is with the NVIDIA GPU and it is a systemic problem that goes beyond Dell. It seems that most high end laptops use the same GPU as the Dell. Dell, Apple, Lenovo and HP were listed as having machines that are susceptible to the GPU issue. Desktops as well as laptops may be affected as well. The news from various sources seems to point to a very high percentage of NVIDIA GPUs failing due to heat.

Dell has provided a 1 yr extension to the existing warranty for a GPU issue. This might take the sting out of the issue but unfortunately all they can replace the suspected GPU is with another suspected GPU. There appears to be no way to fix the problem with a non-suspected GPU. Dell also recommends a BIOS update that will turn the fan on at a lower temperature ( of course running the fan longer, killing the battery life and burning out the fan which is not covered by the warranty).

My XPS will be fixed since it “should” be under warranty. But my XPS will be suspect from here on out. I think that any machine with a similar NVIDIA GPU will be questionable since I have seen no mention of where the chip has been changed or fixed.

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(Not me, but very similar situation)

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