SPTechCon Day 3 Wrap Up

I started day 3 delivering my session on PowerShell and SharePoint. One of the first demos failed but we – the attendees and I recovered nicely. Seems that most in the audience has had little exposure with PowerShell but they were eager non-the-less. We spent the session working with PowerShell and SharePoint using both the object model and STSADM. The session actually went over by 15 minutes when one of the conference organizer stopped by to mention that it was time for a break. Not one person mentioned that we were going over or got up to leave. I don’t think I have had such an attentive group of attendees. This was my final presentation for the conference.

I spent the day catching up with work and emails but did manage to attend Todd Klindt and Shane Young’s Better with SQL Server 2008 and Server 2008 – For Todd’s Benefit Windows Server 2008 🙂 but that is an inside joke.

That was it for me for SPTechCon. The next SPTechCon is scheduled in Boston, June 22-24 2008. Check out SPTechCon for more info.