Two New Asp.Net AJAX Books Going on the Shelf

ASPNet35AjaxPicked up our own SharePoint MVP Rob Foster’s “ASP.Net 3.5 Ajax Unleashed” book for the ride home from MSDN DevCon. So far this seems to be a great introduction into ASP.Net Ajax. I have not spent that much time working with Ajax so I thought this would be a good read on the train. I would catagorize Rob’s book as a hands on type book, lots of easy examples to explain the basics of ASP.Net 3.5. It is not a hard or complicated read, simple and to the point.


DevelopingServiceOrientedAJAXAppsNow if you like something a little more advanced try out, once again our own SharePoint MVP Daniel Larson’s “Developing Service-Oriented AJAX Applications on the Microsoft Platform” book by MSPress. I volunteered to be one of Daniel’s tech reviewers. That might seem strange as I mentioned that I have not spent time with AJAX. Rest assured I volunteered for the reader who needs to learn AJAX role. Daniel had other heavy hitters that knew service-oriented AJAX development inside and out. My role was to learn and point out areas where Daniel could better clarify a concept for a more “intro-level” reader. This book does an intro into ASP.Net AJAX but quickly moves into using AJAX to develop service-oriented applications and ends up with a chapter on SharePoint and AJAX.

If you are new to AJAX I would start with Rob’s book fist. If you are already know AJAX then grab Daniel Larson’s book. Either one is worth the read.