The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users – 2010 edition now Available!

9780982419809-PerfectFinalRob Bogue has followed up the 2007 version of the Sheperd’s Guide with the 2010 version. This is one of the few End User guides for SharePoint 2010. This book focuses on common topics and tasks end users need in order to be productive with SharePoint 2010. While you can read this book cover to cover you will more than likely pick up the book for guidance on a task you are trying to accomplish, for example “Add a Library View” or “Create a Meeting Workspace with Outlook 2010”. Understanding how to work with SharePoint from an end user’s perspective is Critical to adoption. The 2007 edition frequently accompanied me to many clients with a suggestion that the organization should consider purchasing copies for their end users. The shiny new 2010 version will start to make the trips to my 2010 clients. You can pay someone like me to explain how to “Add a File to a Document Library” or you can get the book for a low price and have it around whenever I am not there. I rather be developing anyway 🙂

If you are one of my clients, and have moved to or planning to move to SharePoint 2010, then make sure you get the new Sheperd’s Guide edition at

If you are not one of my clients, we can fix that. Then you should make sure you get the Sheperd’s Guide edition at