So Where Did Darrin Go?

I know I have been very quiet lately. Since Aptillon was formed it seemed that every time I was going to have time to post another project came up.  It was definitely a crazy first half of the year.  So what kept me busy? Well let’s see…

Working on a few chapters for a a few different books.

Finished up writing SharePoint and Silverlight training modules.

Finished up writing SharePoint 2010 and Windows Phone 7 training modules.

Finished up writing SharePoint 2010 ECM training modules.

Lets not forget the clients, conference sessions at Coast to Coast and SharePoint Connections, SharePoint MVP chats and the list goes on and on it seems. You probably get the picture. To add to the fun, my blog engine decided it did not want to let me add any new content. So for that I am changing by blog shortly. The URL will remain the same but I the RSS feed will change. Make sure you update your feed readers and links to point to


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