The Admirals – Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy and King – Book Review

The Admirals book coverThe Admirals is a must-read for anyone who has an interest in World War 2. I picked this up a few weeks ago while I was attending a Navy graduation.

The Admirals follow the careers of the Navy’s first Five Star, Fleet Admirals, KingNimitz, Halsey, Leahy from entrance to the Naval Academy to the end of World War 2. These four individuals were the only four to hold the top rank of Fleet Admiral. The rank was created by Congress during World War 2 to match the highest rank of other countries.

The Admirals shadows these four individuals and details their interaction with other high-ranking, well-known officers as they prepare for and take on the decision-making and execution of the fleet. Admiral Leahy becomes the highest ranking Naval officer of World War 2 and spends most of the war as the right-hand military man of two presidents. Not as well-known as other high-ranking officials, Leahy is even higher in the pecking order than the Army’s General Marshall (who became a five-star general one day after Leahy’s promotion.

Admiral King was the next highest ranking Naval officer. Admiral King directed all actions of the Atlantic and Pacific fleet during this two-ocean war conflict. Nimitz took over the Pacific fleet after the Pearl Harbor attack until after the Japanese surrender. Halsey was a fast charging commander of many task forces under Nimitz.

The Admirals does excellent job covering all the major points in these four officers as they move quickly to the top rank in the Navy. These officers were there for the major change to Naval warfare that moved from battleships and cruisers to submarines and aircraft carriers. The focus is primarily on the Pacific operations though there is some mention of the Atlantic. Leahy and King were focused on both zones.

I recommend this book to an history buff. It covers a WW2 from a different perspective than battle tactics. It covered it from the point of four of the most well-known Naval officers of all time.

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