SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 16

Today we move awaythe free applications supplied by Mindsharp and look around at more of the freebees that can be found in the premium content area. Today is all about movies – free movies. I started out watching two webinars: Reader Course and My Site Course. Both are recorded web casts by Mindsharp trainer.

The Reader Course provided a reader perspective overview of SharePoint Portal Server 2003 – with a touch on Windows SharePoint Services 2.0. This web cast covers the user interface, search, document libraries and lists, sites, alerts and alert management. The My Site course covers a user-view of MySite functionality. Topics cover items such as the My Site layout, public versus private views, targeted information and alerts. Even if you are a SharePoint administrator you can pick up some information about SharePoint Portal Server. Certainly if you are just starting to learn SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or just learning to use SharePoint Server 2003 these two web presentations can give you a good start.

After watching these users-targeted movies I headed over to listen/watch a few free admin-targeted media files. On the premium content site Mindsharp provides Moving a Server Farm (audio only) and Building a Server Farm (audio and video) content for download. Moving a Server Farm explains how to backup an existing server farm and restore it to a new set of servers. Not only can you learn how to move your farm but you will gets some tips that can be used in your SharePoint Portal Server 2003 disaster recovery process. Building a Server Farm will explain the various “supported” farm topologies from small to large server farms, thoughts on selecting a farm scenario and step-by-step build of a medium server farm using Network Load Balancing.

If you don’t have time to watch Moving a Server Farm you can grab the slide deck and pick up a few key points.

We have about one more day hanging around Mindsharp and then we need to pack the roadster and head out to the next stop.