Another Year as a SharePoint MVP

Yes, looks like I will be back for at least another year. Microsoft has decided to award me MVP for SharePoint for another year. And if the end of 2010 is any indication of how the 2011 will be, well it’s going to be busy.

Silverlight, SharePoint, Windows Phone 7 and tablets are big on my list. I am constantly amazed at some of the code I see utilizing Silverlight and SharePoint. Let’s not forget the Phone. The fact that Windows Phone 7 does not yet support Windows Authentication yet makes integrating the two technologies very interesting. This will also be the year of the Tablet. I have played with the IPad and can see the value in the tablet form factor. Regardless of which OS you choose to use, the tablet, done right, has some unbelievable potential. Those who master the remote SharePoint APIs such as Client-Side Object Model, WCF Data Services and Web Services will be king in the SharePoint/Tablet space.