SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 17

Its day 17 for the community road trip. That’s more then two weeks on the road looking at content supplied by the SharePoint community for the SharePoint community. We have spent sometime camped out at Mindsharp taking tours of the various free content. Today we need to finish our virutal wandering here at Mindsharp so we can hit the road. There is so many stops that can be made that we must push on.

We covered quite a bit at the Mindsharp stop so today as we pack up the roadster we need to take a quick look around for the last bit of content and grab a few souvenirs.

First off before you head out from Mindsharp take a look at Bill and Todd’s blog you will no doubt pick up a few interesting tips or pointers. Todd’s blog has a post discussing his Subwebs on the Quick Launch Web Part that we looked in detail two days ago.

Also before you leave, you might sign up for the Mindsharp listserv “Sharepointdiscussions” which is averaging around 700 messages per month for 2006. And while you are signing up for Sharepointdiscussions consider signing up for one of the free Live Meetings prominently displayed on the home page.

On you way out make sure you sign up for the four free posters. Free posters include:

  • Windows SharePoint Services Object Model Poster
  • Windows SharePoint Services Administration Roadmap
  • SharePoint Portal Server Administration Roadmap
  • SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Planning and Best Practices Job Aid Poster

This concludes are stop at Mindsharp. I don’t know about you but I found some of this content really useful. Subwebs on the QuickLaunch will find a place in my WSS sites. We head out to hit the road for the next stop on the SharePoint Community Road Trip.
See you there.