SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 20

For those of you following the SharePoint Community Road Trip we are parked out at Heather Solomon’s place and have been for the past few days. Interesting enough it just so happened that Heather and I ( and about 14,998 other people) both ended up at Tech Ed 2006 in Boston. Heather will be presenting a Birds of a Feather session later tonight.

Today lets look over a single article on Heather’s blog. I decided to pick this one article out separate simply because I think all the SharePoint developers and designers should have this document set as short cut. Come on over to Heather’s blog and take a look at Add a Custom List to SharePoint – a foray into CAML.

The title says it all – A foray into CAML. Don’t worry the CAML will be minimal and you wont need to bury yourself in this syntax. This is a must read article if you are working with custom lists. Heather will walk you though creating a custom list definition. This is different and in my mind more powerful then creating a custom list and then creating a custom list template using the SharePoint GIU. This is core SharePoint design and development and if you fancy yourself as a SharePoint developer or designer I think this article is a must read.

I said I was only looking over a single article for today. This is a longer and more in-depth article and you should take some time dig into it.