SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 5

Today we motor over to MSDN and have a look around at the some of the resources that are more targeted to developers and administrators. We are heading over to the

Office Developers Center’s SharePoint Portal Server page.

This is one of the places I keep an eye on and it is not hard considering this site has an RSS feed. As a matter of fact I see that there is a new article published since I have last been here. Patrick Tisseghem, someone you will recognize from the SharePoint community, has a recently published paper ,
Create Your Own SharePoint Site Definitions which provides a real solid understanding of all the parts and piecesof a site templates.

If you stop by here you will find links to all sorts of developer and admin papers, code samples and downloads. From here you can get to the newest Software Development Kits, articles on design and development and code examples like using integrating SharePoint products and InfoPath. All of these linked pages are great resources for a SharePoint developer or admin and all are supported by an RSS feed. In my consulting years I sent all the new guys to this site for the corporate branding artical.

The great thing about this stop is that almost everything that appears on this site have been created or reviewed by MS which means you can usually rest easily that you following supported or expected practices. There is so much linked off of this page I might just hang around for a few days and take a closer look around.