Arrived at SPTechCon in San Francisco

Despite American Airlines cancelling my flight the 24 before it took off, despite the bad weather that had me leaving a day early for the airport and despite being delayed out of ST Louis for 40 minutes and barely making my connecting flight I made it to SPTechCon in San Francisco. I was beginning to think that the deck was stacked against me.

SPTechCon started today with in the Hyatt with four half-day long pre con sessions. Tomorrow Tom Rizzo of Microsoft fame will be the keynote speaker. Wonder if Tom will clue us in on Performance Point Services for SharePoint.

I will no doubt be up most of the night tweaking my slides and demo for tomorrow. I will be presenting SharePoint and Performance Point together. On Thursday I will be speaking on PowerShell and SharePoint which I have done many times before.

Shortly I will catch a cab to the SharePoint/SharePint get together at the “The American Bull Bar Grill”.