SharePoint MVP – Renewed for another Year

Another year has gone by. For myself the year end is marked with a flurry of paperwork for the good old government, last minute tech purchases for the business and writing out final expense checks.

MVP Logo The new year starts with the wait for the SharePoint MVP renewal email. Looks like once again I am in with the likes of Bob Fox, Andrew Connell, Todd Klindt and whole host of others too numerous to mention but all great SharePoint players. This is my 4th award period , the first was way back when SharePoint Portal Server 2001 was the rage ( yeah just kidding about the rage part) and the 2003 was hitting beta. Back then there was only a handful of SharePoint MVPs. I still have a very old t-shirt from an MVP “road show” that I attended in Chicago. The “big” session was about some real early high tech: Longhorn and WinFS!

Anyway, the old year is out and the new year has started. Happy New Year to everyone.

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  1. Todd Klindt 01/02/2009