Completed the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science

Microsoft Data Science LogoMicrosoft working with has created a data science track consisting of 15 different online courses.  Ten courses must be completed with a passing grade in order to complete track. The final course is a capstone machine learning project where a minimum score must be achieved.  This week the capstone course, which started in December finally completed. With a passing score in the capstone course I have finished all of the certificate requirements.

The Microsoft Professional Program data science track is for those of you who are either making the move into  data science or wanting to learn the Microsoft stack for data science .  There are 9 classes you must past. Most of the classes are required a few have optional paths. For example, there is a choice between a more advanced ML  or an Intelligent Apps class.  Those tracks that have a programming aspect allow the viewer to choose R or Python.  In the 9 courses, the student will be exposed to R or Python, statistics, working with data, machine learning in general and Azure ML. It is well rounded set of courses that focuses in on the machine learning aspects of data science.

The program will not make you a seasoned data scientist. There is simply too much to learn to fit it all into a single track. It will give a solid base to build on. There is a final capstone where you will be expected to put what you learned into practice.  The program packs in a lot of concepts and hands on work and it does take some time and effort to complete the program. Interested in knowing more about the program, leave me a comment!

Click here to Learn more about the Data science track.

Microsoft Professional Program Data Science Certificate


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