Advisor Summit Wrap Up

Last week I attended and spoke at Advisor Summit in Phoenix. Thanks for those who provided feedback not only during and after the sessions but whenever we bumped into each other at dinner or sitting on the back “porch”.

If you attend the Phoenix Advisor Summit you would have seen topics from well know SharePoint speakers including:

? Build SharePoint Web Parts the Smart Way
? Web Services Integration with SharePoint
? Migrating to SharePoint Portal Server 3
? SharePoint DataView Web Part in Action
? Improve SharePoint Portal Performance.

I had a number of individuals suggest new session topics. If you did not see a session topic at Summit that you are interested in send me an email. If it is not something that I will submit I can always provide the suggestion to another speaker or pass it on to the conference organizers.

The Swag Report!
I have been to more than a few conferences lately. I am always interested who has the best swag for the conference. For those that did not attend Blackberry was passing out pedometers. They passed out six or eight Blackberry devices for categories such as most steps and most creative way to cheat.

SharePoint Experts handed out a pretty nice water bottle and Lawrence Lui at the Microsoft booth handed out a real nice travel coffee mug. The only other items that caught my attention were the shirts. There were many to be had but I have way too many shirts now so I am particular on those that make into the carry on for the trip home. So in my humble opinion the two shirts of note were Bamboo Solutions and SharePoint Solutions.

I had a great time talking tech in and out of the conference venue. I met a lot of SharePoint users and developers there including a number of SharePoint speakers and authors that I had not had the opportunity to have met before. The hotel was quite impressive as was the nightly entertainment on the back porch. All in all Phoenix was “warm” but worth the trip.