SharePoint Community Road Trip – Day 13

If you have followed us on the road trip you know we camped out at Mindsharp last Friday and are looking around.. Today’s I headed out to the premium content area at Mindsharp. Don’t let the name premium content fool you into thinking you can only access this content if you attend one of the Mindsharp’s training sessions. It appears that all you need to do is create an account to gain access.

The first stop we make at the premium content site is at the White Papers. While here I read up on a variety of topics ranging from design differences between FrontPage 2003 and site definition modification, SharePoint authentication, and managing your alerts in Outlook.

There is a lot of good content in the White Paper section – enough to keep you reading for a few hours at least. Not only are the topics interesting but the documents comes complete with good images and associated callouts which is always helpful. Since you are stopping by you should read though titles such as:

  • A Tale of Two Sites. A Comparison of Two Methods that Modify a Team Site – which compares site modification techniques using FrontPage2003 and modifying the default.aspx file, using Web Parts and casscading stylesheets
  • How to Configure Network Load Balancing for an SPS 2003 Implementation – where you will (obviously) learn how to set up a load balancing option for SPS2003
  • How to Move Your Portal Farm from One Server to Another – who has not seen this question flying around the newsgroups?
  • Alternative User Authentication Framework for WSS and SPS 2003 – for those times when local and domain accounts just dont cut it.

. After we get done looking at all these docs I think I will head over to the Software section where I know we are bound to find some interesting stuff.